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  1. Miguel Marín
    Miguel Marín: RT @jnillo9: Este nuevo teclado te permitirá escribir fluidamente en una tableta http://t.co/Pq3be0scoD

  2. Patricia Carmona
    Patricia Carmona: Perdiendo el miedo a compartir tus ideas http://t.co/Kd68EmdKhr /cc @jnillo9

  3. Patricia Carmona
    Patricia Carmona: Imprescindible RT @jnillo9: Mailbox retira su lista de espera: cualquiera puede usar ya la aplicación http://t.co/5pXcGTA0iQ /cc @patricrp

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Bodegon playero
what you see what you get


EasyData is a component makes it easy to publish, share and work with data by a RDF interface. Add a interface to custom a semantic informations associated to the data model and we have the data that are sensible to their publication under control.


More info: My GitHub account

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